How to set up an account:

Go to and fill out our form

It takes about 2 working days to get set up

How to place orders:

Once you’ve got your logins, order from

Also by email or spreadsheet to

How to view our catalogue:

Login to and go to the shop section

How to find out about pre-orders:

Sign up to our mailing list here

Who to contact: 

For any questions about your order, our titles, prices or any support:

Luke Twyman or Shaun Yule - 

What’s the minimum order amount:

No minimums.

What are the shipping charges:

We charge you shipping on your invoice. Discounts for high value orders can be arranged.

What’s the order turnaround time:

We expect to ship orders within 48 hours

Payment terms:

Pay on invoice, 30 days from receipt of invoice

How to find our pre-sale information archive:

Check out our newsletter archive here