Lone Bison - Talk About It / Origin Story - 12" EP


Castles in Space

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    Artist: Lone Bison
    Label: Castles in Space
    Version Description: Agent Orange Vinyl
    Sound Carrier: 12"
    Barcode: 5060889590776


    Lone Bison / Nick Bonell lives by the sea in Ramsgate. Mainly a guitar player and pedal enthusiast, Nick bought a used Korg MS20 and fell in love with synths. As one half of Stuntmen, Nick released the sample-heavy single "You're The Beat Find" on the Tummy Touch label, which led to him scoring three Ford adverts in the U.S and a few pieces of well-used production music - which paid for more synths and pedals! 

    An album, 'Transistor Memory' and single 'Drugs' came out via Dom Martin's Polytechnic Youth records in 2021. A new album, "Wave Construction" was Nick's debut release on Castles in Space last year. 

    The "Talk About It" / "Origin Story" EP is lifted from Wave Construction and features revalatory remixes from Concretism and Paul Cousins. The Concretism remix adds massive slabs of synths, while Paul's remix brings to the fore his mad professor tape based jiggery-pokery. (I nearly wrote "fuckery", but decided against it.) They are both epic and, which all remixes should do, add fantastical new dimensions to the genius of Nick's original tracks. 

    It's one for the ages, this one. 

    It's a beautiful vinyl pressing which utilises Nick Taylor's CiS discobag design, last seen on CiS038/CiS039. We've come a long way since then, but I wanted to pull out the format. It was always supposed to be repatable for our EPs. 

    Lone Bison's music is influenced by Krautrock, electronica, post-punk, soundtracks and post-rock. The remixes on this EP add a new dimension to these wonderful tracks. The vinyl is super-limited and super-collectible, pressed on a beautifully unique coloured vinyl 180g pressing from our pressing plant in Belgium. 

    Nick is also the lead writer on the incoming Castles in Space pop music project, for which the initial salvo will be appearing in the Autumn. Nick Taylor has designed 7" discobags for our Project Chart Assault. Incoming.