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    Artist: The Howlers
    Label: Dead Centre Recording
    Version Description: Cassette
    Sound Carrier: CAS
    Barcode: 5070002832430

    ‘What You've Got to Lose to Win It All' Is the highly anticipated debut album from East London Trio The Howlers, a 15 track collection, produced by Black Honey and defined by resilience, friendship and unconditional love through unimaginable pain. Taking their lead from an eclectic range of influences, from the film scores of Ennio Morricone and John Willams, to desert blues pioneers Tinariwen, Kurt Vile, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Father John Misty, The Howlers are far from your conventional British guitar band. The album's announcement comes with the release of new single ‘Lady Luck’ and the promise of an exceptional debut record. 

    The Debut album promises glorious, expansive songs that conjure up cinematic landscapes a long, long way from London’s East End. Escapism, perhaps, but entirely understandable and justified given what frontman Adam has experienced over the last two years. Two life threatening illnesses in the course of two months, the loss of four family members and two close friends and the following immeasurable grief have all played a huge part in the creation of the album, the devoted bond between bandmates and the unique connection between the band and their fanbase.

    The tracklist for ‘What You've Got to Lose to Win It All’ is:

    1. Intro

    2. How Long

    3. I Need Your Love

    4. To Make A King

    5. El Dorado

    6. Further Down The Line

    7. Cowboy’s Don’t Cry

    8. Wanting, Waiting, Wishing

    9. Lady Luck

    10.On The Run (Over You)

    11. Once Again

    12.Matador (Interlude)

    13.Nothing To Lose

    14.When The Flowers Bloom Again

    15.Take It Easy