Angélica Salvi - Habitat - LP

Lovers & Lollypops

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    Artist: Angélica Salvi
    Label: Lovers & Lollypops
    Sound Carrier: 1LP



    Angélica Salvi is a Spanish harpist who works in multiple projects, both solo and in collaborations in the fields of cinema, dance, theatre, photography and music.

    She released her first album, entitled “Phantone”, in 2019 and now presents her second “Habitat”, where she continues to deepen the sonic exploration she suggested in her previous work. It consists of a series of 8 songs, with the harp at the centre, supported by the use of real-time audio signal processing tools.

    This time, Angélica moves away from the past, from the ethereal and synesthetic ghost of “Phantone” and presents herself in a more explicit way, more down to earth, in the present moment. Angélica is inspired by her own HABITAT, and the way in which she relates to it in her daily life. Each of the songs is a sensory memory that can be relived over and over again with small nuances. A set of moments of interaction with the elements that are or have been part of her routine, in this case, other habitats, which are transformed or modified with her actions. Memories captured and reproduced infinitely through labyrinthine patterns and sound textures, ambiguous melodies and flourishing harmonies that fluctuate, coexist and interact with other beings or elements in their universe of minimal language.

    That doesn’t mean that the listener gets lost. There’s always a guiding light. The choice for a more direct approach on this recording proves how clear, enlightened, and focused Angélica Salvi’s sounds is. There’s no tricks. Just something that sounds real, profound, where you can listen to Angélica’s hands moving and touching the strings. And be completely mesmerized as she continues to pursue melodies that guide the listener to the most beautiful of places.

    The album was created and recorded in her home studio, with the aim of being fully possible to reproduce and process the sound in real time, in a context of live music. On the album  there is almost no post-production. All sounds that appear on it come out of the harp and the affiliated pedals.