Angélica Salvi, Ece Canli, João Pais Filipe & Pedro Augusto - s/t - LP

Lovers & Lollypops

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    Artist: Angélica Salvi, Ece Canlı, João Pais Filipe e Pedro Augusto
    Label: Lovers & Lollypops
    Version Description: Black vinyl
    Sound Carrier: 1LP


    We're not exactly fans of the super group concept, but we sometimes enjoy providing soups like this.

    Angélica Salvi, Ece Canli, João Pais Filipe and Pedro Augusto are four musicians and composers who have followed, in parallel, an important national and international path in the fields of experimental music, electronics and sound research. All with recently released albums, the connections they have established multiply between collaborations and co-editions but never in this close way.

    In the middle of the pandemic winter, while preparing a first and last performance as a group, the ad hoc quartet took advantage of the time of those times to record an album that is both frugal and powerful, the epitome of what could certainly be called a magnetic trance with a work of original composition of voice, percussion, harp and synthesizers.

    Recorded live between 22nd and 27th of January at Auditório CCOP in Porto.

    SIDE A 16:13

    SIDE B 10:37