Dream Division - Legend of Lizard Lake - 1LP


Library Of The Occult

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    Artist: Dream Division
    Label: Library Of The Occult
    Version Description: 180gm 'Poison Dusk’ Red & Purple transparent marble vinyl repress
    Sound Carrier: 1LP

    Dream Division presents an album of reptilian synthesiser psych 'Legend of Lizard Lake' takes the listener on a journey with its fantasy inspired soundscapes with brooding electronics and psychedelic guitars building on an immersive Dungeon Synth backdrop.

    Pressed on 180gm ‘Poison Dusk’ vinyl, in a mirror board sleeve

    For fans of John Carpenter, Goblin, Dungeons & Dragons


    12" VINYL ALBUM (LOTO013V2)
    1. Crypt Keeper
    2. Church Of The Lizard Folk
    3. Mystic Quest
    4. Poision Dusk
    5. Spiral Of Lost Souls
    6. Gathans Revival
    7. The Fire Of Death And Rebirth
    8. Beast Of The Lake
    9. Dungeon Dwellers