Modified Magic - Modified Magic - LP

Library Of The Occult

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    Artist: Modified Magic
    Label: Library Of The Occult
    Version Description: Purple Vinyl
    Sound Carrier: 1LP


    With meticulous craftsmanship, Modified Magic's self-titled debut album presents a spellbinding journey through 14 tracks intricately intertwined with shared motifs, characters, and mysterious threads.Showcasing their eclectic blend of psychedelic rock, Giallo film-inspired mystique, and krautrock experimentation. With a unique approach to sound design and a penchant for storytelling through music. From hypnotic melodies to haunting echoes reminiscent of classic horror soundtracks, and the timeless charm of vintage vinyl records, each track offers a kaleidoscopic glimpse into the band's collective vision. "Modified Magic" will be available May 3rd on Library of the Occult records