Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band - Honey - LP

Library Of The Occult

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    Artist: Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band
    Label: Library Of The Occult
    Version Description: 180gm Honey marble vinyl, gatefold sleeve, foil print
    Sound Carrier: 1LP


    Nolan potter assembles the nightmare band to create the soundtrack for the latests ‘Tales from the library of the occult’ release with their signature mystical free psych rock sounds as heard on their 2019 album ‘Nightmare Forever’ (Castle face records) this time bringing an added ominous tone that intensifies and crescendos into a psychedelic daydream turned nightmare as the story narrated by Peter baker unfolds. The latest tale written by British comics writer John Reppion is of a woman known by the name of Honey and the psychoactive mad honey she harvests thanks to the bees gathering the pollen from Rhododendron bushes. A psychedelic mystery set in 1960’s swinging London.

    Pressed on 180gm Honey marble vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with foil block printing

    and matt finish. Artwork by Suspirialand.