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    Artist: Hiro Ama
    Label: PRAH Recordings
    Sound Carrier: 1CD
    Barcode: 5060918154412


    Japan-born, London-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Hiro Ama (Teleman) announces his debut solo album ‘Music for Peace and Harmony’, set for release on 4 October via PRAH Recordings.

    Seeking solace amidst today’s chaotic world, Hiro turned to an obscure 1980s Japanese synthesiser called the Waraku – literally translated to “peace and harmony” – to craft an album that blends electro-acoustic textures and warm melodies, while drawing on classical romanticism, spiritual jazz and electronic music. The album features collaborations from British singer Keeley Forsyth and flautist Gail Tasker.

    “A lot of things are fragile and chaotic at the moment in this world, and I wanted to make music to soothe my mind and heart. Modern music sometimes sounds too pristine and sanitised. I like those spontaneous sounds. ’ says Hiro.

    Hiro Ama’s meticulous approach is evident in every aspect of the album, from playing almost all the instruments to producing and mixing. Incorporating sounds of the Waraku’s koto (Japanese harp), drums, and synths alongside the Jupiter 8, DX7, and piano, Hiro explores organic and electronic sounds. Notably, instead of traditional drums, Hiro can be heard humming the drum parts to create a texture reminiscent of old jazz records. Keeley Forsyth’s haunting vocals on the tracks ‘Metal Wires’ and ‘Billowing’ bring a particular intensity that complements the album’s spacious instrumentation. Hiro was inspired by Debussy’s famous adage, “music is the space between the notes”, and throughout, the album is underscored by an ethos of spaciousness and simplicity.

    Thematically, ‘Music for Peace and Harmony’ also explores the healing power of nature. Tracks like ‘Find Me In The Nearest Forest’ and ‘Forest Bathing’ are rooted in Hiro’s love of the natural world and inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrinyoku (forest bathing).

    Hiro Ama's debut album unfolds with gentle melodies where classical and jazz influences meet modern electronic production. ‘Music for Peace and Harmony’ is an essential record to discover life’s moments of peace and beauty.