Kate Carr - Midsummer, London - CD


Persistence of Sound

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    Artist: Kate Carr
    Label: Persistence of Sound
    Sound Carrier: 1CD
    Barcode: 5057998805846


    Persistence of Sound presents a new album from one of  the world’s leading voices in field recording. 

    Kate Carr is known internationally for her work with field  recordings, as well as using objects and experimental  recording techniques. Her work often probes the  ambiguities and perceptions of field recording, notably  on her 2023 album, False Dawn

    “Most of my work these days is interested in thinking  about field recording as a set of practices which produce  a particular version of a location, experience or even  species, and the relationships and practices which  produce that recording and which also might be  amplified or obscured within the recording itself.” 

    Kate previously developed the idea of a sonic transect - a sound sampling along an axis – for an album made on  a Spanish mountain in 2017, From A Wind Turbine To  Vultures (And Back). The idea explores sonic niches, the  ways they flow into each other and can be stitched  together in an attempt to convey the changing aspects of  - in that case - the terrain of a mountain and Kate’s  journey up and down it 

    Now, Midsummer, London explores the different accents,  musics, and other sonic phenomenon of London at  locations tracing the river Thames, moving from the  outskirts in the west to the outskirts in the east. 

    “Midsummer, London was composed with recordings  taken on the Summer Solstice June 21, 2023, from one  side of the city to the other on the longest of days. The  journey began in Loughborough Junction with stops at  Clapham Junction, Staines, Shepperton, Hampton,  Twickenham, Ravenscourt Park, Blackfriars, Deptford,  Woolwich Dockyard, Slade Green.”