Guy Chambers & The Lemon Trees - Burst The Bubble - 1CD

Sleeper Sounds

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    Artist: Guy Chambers & the Lemon Trees
    Label: Sleeper Sounds
    Sound Carrier: 1CD
    Barcode: 5057998194629

    Celebrated songwriter Guy Chambers is reigniting the legacy of The Lemon Trees, his acclaimed band from the early '90s, as they prepare to release a new album, "Burst the Bubble," featuring a reworking of classic Lemon Trees songs 30 years after their original composition. They recently performed their first gig in over 20 years at the O2 Academy Islington with future dates to be announced.

    "Burst the Bubble" is an album filled with vivid, technicolor '60s-influenced psychedelic pop songs and includes singles “Dream Girl” and "Lazy Days," which later became a hit in the hands of Guy's long-term collaborator Robbie Williams.

    The third single, "I Can't Face the World,"  released on  29th February draws inspiration from musical giants like Bob Dylan, The Kinks, and the Beatles, embodying the essence of classic storytelling.  The new latest rendition shines with the prowess of Paul Stacey ( Noel Gallagher, Black Crowes, Oasis) production, elevating the track to new heights. Guy reflects on its genesis, sharing, "It's essentially a reflection of a nihilistic perspective on life, tinged with anxiety and depression. I was around 28 when I penned it, grappling with feelings of loneliness and a bleak worldview.” 

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