Alexander Tucker & Keith Collins - Fifth Continent - BOOK

Subtext Recordings

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    Artist: Alexander Tucker & Keith Collins
    Label: Subtext Recordings
    Sound Carrier: BOOK

    112 pgs, 26.7 × 19.5 cm, Hardcover, 2023

    Smooth, natural shade, matte coated paper, vibrant photographs;
    Screen-printed chocolate canvas spine with accent book block rib/kaptal.

    Fifth Quarter: Derek Jarman, Keith Collins & Dungeness brings together collaborators, friends, contemporary artists, writers, musicians, and curators to respond to the influence and legacy of Jarman and his late partner Collins.

    Drawing inspiration from the captivating landscape of Dungeness and Romney Marsh alongside Jarman’s expansive body of work, the 112-page book gathers contributions and reflections from the past and present, cultivating a merger of history and memory, which explores the deep bonds between art and nature.

    Using archive photography, film stills, commissioned writings, and new artworks, Fifth Quarter assembles a chorus of voices, mirroring Jarman’s collaborations with Collins and his wider circle of friends and colleagues, while locating collective practice as a central theme within Jarman’s polymathic work and life.

    Edited by Alexander Tucker


    Barry Adamson, Jennifer Lucy Allan, Sarah Badr, Derek Brown, Keith Collins, Garry Clayton, Peter Fillingham, William Fowler, Dan Fox, Elise Lammer, Matthew R. Lewis, James Mackay, Frances Morgan, Garrett Nelson, Stephen O'Malley, Paul Purgas, Damien Roach, Howard Sooley; Mark Titchner, Alexander Tucker, Peter Tucker, Luke Turner, Simon Fisher Turner, and Cosey Fanni Tutti.

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