The Bookshop Band - Emerge, Return - LP

Letterpress Records

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    Artist: The Bookshop Band
    Label: Letterpress Records
    Version Description: Numbered, red / black vinyl
    Sound Carrier: 1LP
    Barcode: 5063176038210


    After hearing a set of CDs by The Bookshop Band, Pete Townshend was so taken he messaged the duo and offered to record their next album.  Emerge, Return is the result of this discovery by Townshend, who threw himself into the project – performing on every track, and fans will recognise his musicianship woven throughout. 

    Pete Townshend: “I listened to the CDs in my car as I was travelling. I was blown away, completely blown away. I got into the whole Bookshop Band technique, which is just two people making this sound like a symphony orchestra. It's quite extraordinary. Each song was special in its own way. So, I reached out.”

    The Bookshop Band began in 2010 as an artistic collaboration between a group of musicians and their local indie bookshop, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. They would read a book, chosen by the bookshop, then write two songs inspired by it - a reader’s response - to be performed to the author and a tiny audience, crammed in above the shop. 

    They have so far existed largely off-grid, occupying a creative space between the music and book worlds, writing songs inspired by books and bringing them, through music, to a new audience. They have written and recorded 13 albums and performed in hundreds of bookshops. 

    Emerge, Return marks the band’s first album to have a wider commercial release and will come out, alongside a podcast series of conversations with the authors, during Independent Bookshop Week (15-22 June). 

    The artwork for the cover was created by Stanley Donwood (Radiohead / Glastonbury Festival).