WIRE - May 483: - Still House Plants - MAG


Wire Magazine

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    Artist: Wire Magazine
    Label: Wire Magazine
    Sound Carrier: MAG

    On the cover: Still House Plants. Inside: Cheer-Accident, Lolina, NikNak, FUJI|||||||||||TA, Ana Lua Caiano, BBBBBBB, Fatboi Sharif, Angelica Sanchez, Invisible Jukebox: Kristin Hersh, Unlimited Editions: Tripalium Corp, The Inner Sleeve: Lee Gamble on Chain Reaction, Epiphanies: Jlin on Philip Glass, Global Ear: Tashkent, plus 40 pages of reviews including Kavain Wayne Space & XT, Natalia Cappa, Bianca Scout, NOUT, Ustad Noor Bakhsh, punk rock in Northern Ireland, Indonesia and Kosovo, female Latin American electronic music composers, Sakamoto on film, and much more.